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It’s true! I’ve finally made it over to wordpress.org! Come and check out my new site at www.sofiabianca.com and say hello 🙂

I’d love it if you came over and joined me on my new site, i’ve been planning loads of new features and have updated the design, so come and let me know what you think.

♥ Big love, hope to see you there! ♥


Tuesday Link Treasury: Paint and Glitter


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Well what a week! We’ve gone from Spring back to Winter again all in the space of a few days. It is freezing here! I tell you, cycling in this cold is playing absolute havoc with my skin.

Anyway, here is your weekly list of internet treasures to procrastinate with…enjoy!

  • OK I take it back, THIS is the best thing i’ve seen all year. Hilarious!! 
  • Interesting article in the Guardian last week on how Boris Johnson could actually do a lot for London cyclists. I still think he’s a plonker, but is he pulls this off he may gain a lot of respect…
  • & Other Stories, H&M’s other big sister, launched on Friday. I am already obsessing about the shoes, the silk dresses, the skirts….everything! Also, I LOVE the site layout. They have properly thought about the iPad shopping generation, it works perfectly on a tablet.

Big love ❤

The Week in Words and Pictures: Marmosets and Vintage Treasures!


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"Replace fear with love" stokes croft graffiti #bristol

I’m writing this from Southampton Central station after having just missed our train back to Bristol by approximately one minute: annoying!

Ah well, every cloud has a silver lining and all that, as it’s given me the opportunity to sit and blog for an hour while we wait for the next train.

Early morning glow #sky

On Tuesday I had to get up at the ungodly hour of 5.30am in order to get a 6.30am train to London for a client meeting. It was ridiculously early, but the view of the countryside with the sun coming up was beautiful, and my phone just didn’t do it justice.

Oh hai, sun! #sunrise

Although we are now predicted snow for the next few days, the week’s weather actually started out delightfully spring-like, and we’ve had some lovely daffodils in the office again.

We have the most beautiful daffodils in our office!

On Thursday Silks class was great – I made the best progress in my propeller yet so i think all the sit ups and training is paying off finally. My goal of having a perfect one by the end of the year is looking more and more likely! I don’t have a video yet, but once it gets better i’ll post one up 🙂

Tree branches look like veins #tree #abstract

This weekend we have been on the Isle of Wight visiting Tony’s parents. On Saturday we went to the Owl and Monkey Haven. They had some beautiful owls which the owners had either rescued or were donated by various other zoos. This Turkmenian Eagle Owl below was a beauty!

Turkmenian Eagle Owl

rufous owl

And this little one was a Rufous-legged owl – he was a real cutie!

The main reason we went though was because we’d bought Tony’s dad a ‘Marmoset Encounter’ for Christmas. Basically, this consisted of going in the enclosure with the marmosets and feeding them! They jump all over you and sit on your head, and generally just act cute.

Tony, his dad and all the Marmosets!

His dad was so happy to do this – it was great. Afterward his mum and I had a go:


Yeah, I look like an idiot. But hey, how does one look cool with a marmoset jumping on you?!

fabric, vintage

Last but not least, I scored some awesome vintage finds in the Newport charity shops. The Island is a charity shop mecca! This fabric was a huge set of curtains, and it’s V&A Habitat fabric…so beautiful! I can’t wait to show you my other bargains 🙂

Big love and have a great week ❤

Happy International Women’s Day!


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mimosa flowerMimosa flower

I love the Mimosa and you struggle to find it in the UK.

In Italy, the Mimosa is the symbolic flower of International Women’s Day. This flower was chosen by the Italian Women’s Union for the first 8th March following the Second World War. They wanted to choose a flower that would symbolise the day, and it was these italian women that saw in the Mimosa the perfect representation of this day. Additionally, there was the added bonus that they flowered around the 8th March, which meant that it was an an inexpensive and abundant choice of flower to give to all the ladies!

Big love to all the women I know for this International Women’s Day!


Dreaming of a Magical Loft in Madrid…


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Prado museum

The Prado museum – source unknown

I’m so excited to be going to Madrid in May, and judging by how time is flying by the trip will be here before I know it (total old-person speak, but totally true!)

I’ve wanted to visit Madrid for ages, ever since I read the book Maya by Jostein Gaarder and fell in love with the thought of visiting the Prado museum and looking at all the beautiful paintings, wandering aimlessly around the markets and eating tapas at a cute little bodega.

Herb Lester MadridMadrid_16_copy_1024x1024

Herb Lester’s “Let me tell you about Madrid”

My friend Leanne gave me this amazing little guide (pictured above) which is the perfect size for fitting in a moleskine or diary whilst wandering around Madrid. It looks like it’s got quirky little shops and boutiques and restaurants to try, and i’ve already started looking some of them up online to check them out!

Museo ABC Madrid

The Museo ABC – what a stunning building!

I’ve also been looking endlessly at Airbnb and have been adding my dream places to stay to my wish list

preciosa2 What a stunning lift!

apartment-magical This is the dream…listed as the ‘magical loft’, it just looks so, so beautiful!

preciosa1 I love this dining room


How sweet!

So, if any of you have any tips and suggestions of places to visit, as well as restaurants to try out or anything like that i’d love to know! Hopefully in the next week we will get our accommodation sorted (here’s hoping I win the lottery and we get to stay in the ‘magical loft’!) and then all i’ll have left to plan is our itinerary. I can’t wait!

Besos, mis amores ❤