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I bought this awesome book from the Amnesty International shop on Gloucester Rd here in Bristol at the weekend for the grand total of £1.50. They’ve always got such an amazing slection of books in there, I always have to stop myself from going in there at the weekends as I just end up coming home with loads of books I take ages to get round to reading (or rather, almost never read!)

Anyway, check out the retro-ness of ‘The Book of Creative Crafts’ edited by Elsie Burch Donald:

The Creative book of Crafts by Elsie Burch Donald

It’s got loads of different crafty things to try out in there, from the obvious like sewing, knitting and stitchery, to the slightly less common crafts such as candle making, rug making and creating bizarre collages out of seeds and beads!

I’m quite up for giving screen printing a go – something I never did when in school and I always wanted to try it.

Screen Printing

Also, the Bargello needlepoint cushions are absolutely stunning, check out these beautiful patterns:
Close up Bargello pillows

It gives you pattern shapes and then tutorials on how to do the stitches. Of all the things in this book, I think this technique is one i’d most like to try out.

Close up of bargello stiches

I can really imagine one of those awesome patterned pillows against our white sofa in the lounge.


PS i’ve just seen you can buy the book from Amazon too!