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Shiny heartsWe’ve just got back from a great trip up to Manchester, Bolton (to visit my Grandparents) and Chester to visit the family. We stayed with my oldest friend in her house in Levenshulme, on the outskirts of Manchester. It was a pretty boozey, meat-filled weekend (read: best burger i’ve ever eaten!) and amazing to catch up with old friends.

Elle and Gaz’z lovely garden…

We ate out quite a lot, and had the most amazing cocktails at this bar call Tusk in the Northern Quarter. It had African-themed decor, so lots of crazy fabrics and colours, but the cocktails were to die for!

cocktails from manchester

Mine was Gin, Elderflower, Pear and Earl Grey and basically the most perfect cocktail i’ve ever drank. Elle’s was some sort of white chocolate concoction that was also pretty scrumptious.

We visited Fred Aldous, where Elle works, which we spent about an hour in just looking at all the cool stuff it sells. It’s an art, craft and design shop so sells everything from rubber stamps, stationery, camera equipment, sewing supplies (yes!!), carpentry supplies…the list goes on!

We bought a few little things, the main event being the ‘Uber Origami’ book that Tony bought and the origami paper. Who knew he was so good at Origami?!

He made an origami duck and dinosaur, amongst lots of other things!