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So i’ve recently started sewing, pretty much ever since I got a new sewing machine for my birthday back in February. So far i’ve made various iphone/ipad pouches and cushions, but what I really wanted to get in to was sewing clothes for myself.

There is such a wealth of information online for the beginner seamstress, that it was kind hard to know where to start! Colette patterns were my first port of call, and I downloaded their free Sorbetto top pattern. I highly recommend it as a beginner pattern, however, more on that one another time.

I was also introduced to Burdastyle by my friend, and this site has a huge number of patterns you can buy, download and then print out at home to use. I’d been after a simple shirt pattern to try out (I can imagine the more difficult shirt patterns would be a bit of a minefield for a novice like myself!) and found this one.So it looks a bit plain, but I was inspired by the pictures posted by people who had tried this out, and it looked great as a versatile little shirt that you could tuck in to skirts and trousers.

I bought a spotty cotton from my local Fabric Land for just £3.30/metre. It didn’t need much, and I thought if I went wrong I could just buy the same fabric again. I’m not very good patient at making toiles that I won’t even wear, so at least if this was good enough to wear it would be worth all the time spent making it!

So here it is! Apologies for the crap photo, but taking photos of yourself with the self timer is not that easy, and I also felt so stupid doing it! (I bet I looked it too, ha!)

It took me most of an afternoon and evening to make, and that’s from cutting the pattern to the last button hole. It also went a little bit wrong on the collar, but you can hardly tell, especially when i’ve got my hair down. I think next time i’ll make it in a lighter weight fabric, and also make it less long as it is quite a long pattern, and I wouldn’t wear this not tucked in to a skirt or trousers.

What a ridiculous pose and face!!

Burda style sleeveless blouse

I enjoyed making this shirt, and think it could become a good Spring/Summer wardrobe staple in the future. I’ve had loads of compliments on it and so far no one has noticed the slightly wonky collar work. Pity i’ve only just made it and it’s basically Autumn here in the UK and won’t get much more chance to wear it here in the UK!

I’m planning to make a couple more shirts from Burdastyle so i’ll keep posting my progress on here, hopefully the next few will be more successful!