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So i’ve been a bit lacklustre lately on the old blogging front, and not because I haven’t wanted to! I’ve started this new marketing course and it’s so far taken up all of my week trying to do the first assignment. Plus, just like the rest of Bristol right now, I have a horrible cold too.

Still, that did’;t stop me from looking on the Burdastyle blog today and seeing something instantly that I thought, “Yes!, I could try that!!”.

The pattern is this Tulle Skirt.

I thought it looked lovely and floaty, and hopefully not to difficult either (well, it does say ‘novice..)

I’m not going to do it that long though, as I want to be able to wear it with flats. As much as I love heels, flats (read: converse trainers) pretty much rule my day-to-day wardrobe. Not that I would wear this skirt with converse…

So i’ve gone through the initial steps here, and hopefully i’ll be able to start sewing on Sunday night/Monday.

As it was such a simple pattern, folding and cutting out the pattern from baking paper wasn’t such an ordeal.

I don’t have a proper cutting table or anything (yet!) so I have to use the floor. It’s a good job we have a big living room otherwise it’s be pretty hard to do!

And here is the sneak preview of the skirt patterns on the fabric. As it’s a tulle skirt, it has 2 layers. I’ve decided to go for grey polka dots over a grey crepe de chine…we’ll see how it turns out! I’m not usually a fan of grey, so I don’t know what possessed me to buy it, but I think I thought that black might look a bit ‘halloween’ at this time of the year. Also, that spotty fabric is only available in a limited amount of colours at my local fabricland, so I think I decided that grey would be the best option.

Total cost of fabric, plus 20cm invisible zipper: £12.30

Next time i’ll blog how the sewing of the skirt goes, and hopefully there will be a happy, smiling picture of me wearing it at the end!