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Last weekend, my boyfriend and one of our mates decided it would be a good idea to attempt the Bristol Atomic Burger Fallout challenge. This had been on Tony and Gower’s (my boyfriend and our mate) mind for weeks. We had been to Atomic Burger on the Gloucester Road for quite a few burgers to check out the ‘victory’ wall, where the top 10 times for people who have done it out listed. Oh and we had gone to eat the burgers too, not just to check out the wall…

What follows is a pictorial description of Tony and Gower’s failure (much to their dismay) to reach the pinnacle that is: have there name on that glorious wall and feature in the top 10.

Although they had high hopes, and Tony went in with the aim of doing it not only in under half an hour, but within 15 mins (!!), unfortunately the hot sauce and deep fried pizza buns won.

Oh yeah, I should really describe the meal as well. It’s a triple burger, in between 2 huge deep fried pizza buns, topped with cheese and ghost chilli hot sauce, plus 3 portions of ‘sci fries’ (chilli and garlic fries). It was, to say the least, a lot of food.

Signing the dislaimer

They had to sign disclaimers first…

The challenge disclaimer

gower signing his life away

Gower reading very carefully.

tony signing his life away

The gloves

And wear weird blue gloves – this was because of the hot sauce. It was so, so hot!!


Poised and Ready

Poised and ready

Eating again

And they’re off!! It was a relatively fast start from both of them, but they were both shocked at just how hot that sauce was. Let me tell you again, it was hot. The hottest thing i’ve ever tasted!

Mid way through eating

This is taken almost 20 mins in. As you can see they still have loads of food left…they were not feeling good at this point. I think it was mainly the pizza bun that did it, because by the time you’ve eaten that much hot sauce, apparently your mouth goes numb and you can’t taste anything else!!

It was a valiant effort from both of them. To be fair, they did manage to eat all of the meat, and quite a lot of the chips by the end. Tony said that it was just too much, and that he had started feeling pretty sick from it. But, sensibly, they gave in…and we got to try the chips and hot sauce! Didn’t try the pizza buns though…i’m sorry Atomic Burger, but they are just plain wrong!

The 2 losers

Well done! Now, don’t do it again!