The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali, at MoMA

Today’s post comes courtesy of a line from Sandy Denny’s song (and possibly my favourite song ever), The Sea.

I seem to be struggling to find the time to do most things at the moment, is anyone else finding that? I would like to blog more, but at the moment it just seems like an uphill struggle…i’d like to sew more, but that too seems to be getting put off…At least i’m doing a lot of silks training, which is good because of a show coming up soon, but I think I slightly overdid it this weekend and right now my leg muscles are feeling quite tight!

I’m going to try and set myself small but achievable targets instead which should help things, and also make myself a list of things I want to get done in the time I have available:

  1. Do 15 mins of sewing a day (within reason…) – I’m taking inspiration from Tilly’s post here, as she also raises a very good point of not necessarily being able to dedicate hours at a time to sewing.
  2. Dedicate some time on a Sunday to thinking about blog posts for the week ahead – create some secret Pinterest boards with inspiration to help out.
  3. Plan out my blog posts more in advance.
  4. Think about doing 2 blog posts a week, or at least 6 a month (for now).

I also have some plans to make my sewing area a bit more accessible, as at the moment it looks like a fabric bomb hit it. It doesn’t exactly make me want to go and sit there for any length of time!

So the things that i’d like to get done or at least have in place before Christmas, in order to give me a bit of a goal:

  1. Tidy sewing area – organise all the fabric and haberdashery.
  2. Be blogging more regularly.
  3. Sew more regularly – that is, get my dress finished and have started on another project.
  4. Think about doing one sewing project per month from next year. I’m already thinking of drawing up a monthly sewing plan to help with this!

So far, they are quite small lists…but that’s all I can manage at the moment so we’ll see how it does!

Anyone else struggling with finding time to dedicate to ‘extra curricular’ activities? Just me?!