I’ve finally done it, and of course with only 2 days to go and at the last minute! Below is my short stop-motion film about wanting to take part in the Blogcademy which is being held in London in January.

Some history: I’ve been reading Gala‘s blog since the end of 2007/mid 2008 (i’m not entirely sure when, but I ‘Stumbled’ upon it which seems very old school!). Since then, her blog has been something of a constant in terms of my online reading. I’ve found it so inspiring, but only really decided to give myself a kick up the arse and do something about it earlier this year when I realised that I wanted to take part in this online community just as much as I loved reading from it. I think this must have something to do with me getting a sewing machine last year too…and just generally thinking that life was passing me by far too quickly.

Anyway, I soon discovered the joys of sultry style of Nubby Twiglet after reading Gala’s blog, and then soon after I found out about Kat’s blog. I was working for a gift company at the time, so we were looking at various wedding blogs to possibly advertise on, and Kat’s blog blew me away! I am yet to get married, but when (if!!) I do I aspire to get my boyfriend’s brother’s photos of our wedding on it :p.

Without further ado, here is my sorry attempt at a stop motion video. It would have been much better in daylight, but that is in short supply these days so I had to settle for  our not-very-bright lounge lights. I also have to apologise for the quality – I really needed an iphone holder to help with this, but had to improvise!

Being able to take part in the 2 day event would just be so inspiring and amazing! I was so gutted when the New York one was announced, but kept thinking that surely it would come to the UK! Hopefully this has been enough to convince those girls that I deserve that one scholarship place…let’s see!

If anything, I hope it makes those headmistresses laugh!