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I’m aiming to start a regular feature on here to document each week – I like the idea of looking back on the week that’s just passed and being able to reflect and more importantly remember the events that happened!

This week has been somewhat hectic and quiet at the same time. You can tell it’s leading up to Christmas – the shops are packed full of frantic-looking people and it’s getting dark at like 3pm which is utterly depressing. However, for some reason this year at work (although admittedly it’s only my second Christmas in my job) it’s fairly quiet, as we happen to have tied up quiet a few things in the run up to Christmas. I expect it’ll all kick off again in January though!

The week started with Tony’s Christmas do on Monday. Needless to say it was quite debauched, starting at 10am with a glass of champagne, and then getting a boat around Bristol harbour for the next 2 and a half hours! It was such a beautiful day – one of those perfect cold winters days with a bright blue sky and low sun. Lunch was had at Bordeaux Quay, i’ve never eaten in there and it was pretty good. We were the only table in the restaurant upstairs, which was a bit odd, but then it was only a Monday afternoon. The brasserie section was busy over lunch.


 Part of my outfit on Monday: Yellow tights, Purple/Pink French Connection coat and Bertie Shoes.Image

 A view of Cliftonwood from the boatImage

Lovely colourful Bristol houses


 The amazing disco ball chandelier in Bordeaux Quay – I need one of these so badly!!IMG_2794

Another view of Bristol, this time in black and white.

On Thursday we had our last Silks class of the year, and I have to say I still hurt a bit after the show we did on Sunday (more to come on that soon, i’m waiting for the photos!). It was freezing too, I think it’s the first time i’ve ever done press ups in a wooly hat and not felt hot!

We were up in Chester this weekend visiting family, which was nice. Had the most amazing Indian food at a place called Koconut Grove – definitely the best Indian food i’ve ever had in the UK. My mum had this Masala Dosa which were to die for, and even the poppadums were something special!


 My mum and her Masala Dosa. SO GOOD!2012-12-15 10.39.09 2012-12-15 10.28.05

 No biggie. Just a couple of owls in Chester town centre. That barn owl was so sweet!2012-12-15 09.59.49

I borrowed my mums coat/jumper thing on Saturday. It was a bit big for me, but I love the Aztec print on it!

I’m looking forward to the week ahead…there’s lots going on what with work Christmas parties, the Arnolfini talk and our own little Christmas party.

Big love to everyone for the coming week!