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So, what a week! It’s been Christmas party central, with our staff one on Tuesday and a client one on Thursday (in London!). Plus a talk at the Arnolfini all about the life in design of my boss, getting a cold and being stuck on a train for almost 8 hours (see trip to London…). Then it was the turn of our personal Christmas do in which there was far too much food (and drinking, of course). Finally it was time to get on a boat and head down to the Isle of Wight for Christmas with the in-laws.

I’m hoping this cold disappears for Christmas Day, as we’re doing all the cooking for once! I’ll have to be up bright and early so that we’re not eating too late…

roger  An evening with Roger Proctor at the Arnolfini. It was actually really interesting!london

 London – Oxford Streetscary santaScary Santa…Tony peeling eggs Tony peeling quail’s eggs. It took him about 2 hours to peel 12 eggs…he was not happy! The scotch eggs turned out good though.

boatThe red funnel to the Isle of Wight today.

I’m looking forward to having a nice long rest over this festive period. It seems like ages ago when I had some proper time off – the last holiday I had was in June!

Hope everyone else has a lovely Christmas, be back here soon!