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aerial silks

Photo by Joe Clarke

This is my first retrospective blog post, looking back on how 2012 has been for me. I’ve never really done anything like this before, where i’ve actually sat down and gone through photos, my Facebook timeline and tweets to see what I did this year. You know, the years are passing by so quickly that you risk just forgetting exactly what you’ve achieved, whether it’s just something small or big. I didn’t think i’d done that much this year, but looking back I’ve done a lot more than I thought!

Birthday Cake

I turned 28, not a significant age, i’ll admit. But my mum did remind me that she was that age when she had me…thanks mum!


Tony and I went to Italy to visit my Gran (for the first time since we got back from travelling in 2011), and finally discovered what Gelsi looked like. They have been a mystery for me to translate from Italian to English for ages!

Me and LeanneI went to 2 weddings and 3 hen dos – one of which I organised for one of my best friends Leanne. It was super-stressful organising the hen do, but it turned out to be a great weekend in North Devon and I stressed for absolutely nothing. She had an amazing time!

Colette dressI got a sewing machine for my birthday in February and started sewing almost immediately! I started out making a cushion cover, then worked up to an iPad cover, a top for myself, then I was really proud of myself in June where I made myself a summer dress. I’m looking forward to dedicating more time to sewing next year!

Leanne and Callum

I witnessed 2 of my closest friends getting married in September, and despite the terrible weather over the whole summer, the sun shone and it was a beautiful Autumn day.

SilksI started doing silks at the Island, in the centre of Bristol, and at the end of the year I worked towards doing my first solo show! It was amazing, and inspired me to do more, push myself harder and get even better at it.

Levenshulme station

I started a marketing course in Digital Media and Branding with the CIM, so that I could get better at my job and learn as much as I can. It’s been tough so far, but hopefully will be worth it in the end!


This took me to Manchester for the first time in ages, and I got to meet up with my oldest friend who i’ve known since I was just 7 years old. Isn’t she lovely?! We’ve seen each other more this year that we have in the last 5 years, and I’m making sure this continues into the next year too!


We had a holiday in Sardegna for the first time ever, and hired a boat to go looking for an underwater statue of Mary. It was such a beautiful place, i’m hoping we can go back again in 2013!

Rocking the Aztec look thanks to @white2black :p

Went home to Chester a few times, and stole my mum’s clothes…OK so this isn’t really an achievement, and I didn’t really steal them (apart from the hat and bag), but it was surprising nice looking at my mum’s wardrobe and finding quite a few things I wanted to wear.

And of course, I started this blog back in August. That means i’ve been blogging for just over 4 months, which is crazy! I’m looking forward to continuing this into the new year.

I’ve been thinking about my goals for next year, and up there high on the list is that I hope Tony and I can buy a house together. This time next year I want the excitement of having moved in to our first real home together. I can’t wait!!

I’ve got a list (not a long one…i think!) of goals I want to achieve in the next year, so I think my next post will be a round-up of those.

Happy new year

Have a great new year everyone, see you on the other side!

❤ Sofia