I need these chandeliers in my house!!

I don’t normally set myself New Year resolutions, as all too often they are massively unrealistic and don’t really help me focus on what I really want. This year I have decided to set myself some goals to work towards, mostly around my home life and hobbies, as i’d like them to help me focus my energy and make this year the best yet!

  1. Improve my flexibility. I was just going to write ‘do the splits’ but then I thought that comes with improved flexibility as a whole, and if I want to up my aerial training game then I need to work on my flexibility. Once i’m less skint (i.e. at the end of this very long month!) I’m going to enrol in a hot yoga class to help with this.
  2. Do more aerial shows. Obviously, opportunity permitting, but it’s it’s there, i’m going for it!
  3. Buy a house with Tony. We are already working towards this and have done since we’ve been back from travelling…this year though should be the one where we finally find a home to buy! I really hope so!
  4. Take time to learn more sewing skills. I have been a bit slack on the sewing front recently, but I’m going to have to be realistic and admit I can’t do as much sewing as i’d like. What with silks, my CIM course and and work, there’s not much other time left to do huge sewing projects. I’m going to continue to learn on my own and try smaller, easier projects, then after the summer and once i’ve handed all my coursework in, i’ll look for a sewing/dress-making course that I can sink my teeth into. 
  5. Blog more! I’m going to be realistic and set myself the goal of 2 posts a week.

What are your goals for this year?

❤ Sofia