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Happy new year! Tony and I spent new year’s eve dressed up as the mask and black swan (sorry for the blurry photo, iPhones + a dark room don’t really go together very well), along with a lot of friends who were dressed up as the likes of Dame Edna (there were 2 Dame Ednas, actually!) Spiderman, Keith Lemon, Ziggy Stardust and Andy Warhol to name a few. It was a great evening, probably the best new year’s i’ve had in a long time!

This week we started back at work, and Tony and I have also decided to not drink anything for most of this month, and so far we’re doing pretty well. We went out to a friend’s house for dinner last night and although it was very tempting to have some wine with dinner, we resisted.

I’ve also taken the opportunity in this queiter time to go to the Island to do more silks training before classes start up again next week.


I went on Friday night and today, Sunday, to work on my goal of doing more shows and improving my flexibility. I don’t normally take photos of the moves we do, but it’s actually a really good way to see where you should improve your body shape and how the move can look better. It also shows me the areas I want to improve my flexibility on – I think from this I can see that i’d like my back to be more flexible, but I think that’ll take a lot of time! I also wonder whether this move would be better with my left leg bent around the silk…i’ll try that one again on Thursday!


I couldn’t resist adding this photo of the Bembridge windmill on the Isle of Wight, which we visited on our last day on the Island, last Sunday. It was a lovely finish to a great Christmas break.

This next week I will be mostly working and working on my CIM Digital Media course…i’ve got a lot to do!

Big love for the week ❤