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This is my desk, or rather our dining table at the moment. Covered in coursework and other bits and bobs (including a GoPro that Tony is charging on my laptop). Plus the obligatory mint tea (for refreshment), strawberry squash (for a cold drink), pens, pencils and study guides… This has pretty much been my whole week, other than the usual going to work/sleeping/eating etc.

This course I’m doing is really interesting, and at the moment i’m trying to write an assignment on digital marketing essentials. I’d like to say that my job has taught me as much as possible, but it’s actually been really refreshing studying the theory and reasoning behind it all. It’s a good job it’s January and there’s not much going on, as I have a lot to do! Thankfully, the thought of going to London in a couple of weeks for the Blogcademy (soooo excited!!) and meeting not only Gala, Shauna and Kat but all the other amazing women (and men?!) attending, and staying with my sister for the duration, is keeping me going.

Motivational music at the ready (the Chemical Brothers are totally helping me write good marketing words tonight)……Go!

❀ Sofia