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As you can see, the week started out quite beautifully. It’s finally starting to feel like winter here, snow has been predicted but I seriously doubt it’ll fall in Bristol! Although if it does, I’ll be sliding down the hill to work tomorrow in my lovely shiny new Dr Martens.

My week has been….hectic to say the least. But hectic not in a particularly good way. Work has been good, but manic, and I’ve had a lot of coursework to do catch up on.


I started the week with a good old list. I felt a lot ‘fresher’ after last weekend then most, having not even had one drink! I got to see my lovely sister, albeit briefly on Thursday after a work meeting in London. She gave me lots of Origins samples (where she works) which I’m inevitably going to get used to and then want even more of! I can’t wait to stay with her in a couple of weeks for the Blogcademy, and see where she lives for the first time since she moved to London.


I spotted this amazing book in the Amnesty bookshop on Gloucester Road at the weekend. I kind of think I should have bought it for my sis, I mean, pupcakes?!? Awesome.


After a very productive weekend in which I did loads of work and didn’t even drink a thing, I decided to treat myself to a glass of wine at the pub for dinner. It was so good, I can’t believe I only lasted 12 days without drinking, but then it’s not like a little every now and again is going to hurt, is it?!

Also, can you tell I’ve been playing with the new Snapseed filters? They’re pretty good, I love the new Retrolux one.

And so tomorrow brings another week, and another week closer to the Blogcademy! I’m getting so excited about it now, and have absolutely no idea what I’m going to wear (obviously the most important thing!). Although, I have got some sequined cat ears which are going to have to make the journey with me, what do you reckon?!