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sequin, sequins, sparkles

So as I keep saying, i’m really excited about the upcoming Blogcademy next week. I’ve read endlessly through the list of things to prepare before heading to London on Tuesday night, but one thing has been playing on my mind…

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 22.09.32

Yes, business cards! I have a ‘work’ business card, but what on earth am I going to take with me that promotes me, my blog and my supposed ‘brand’?!

I have been thinking a bit about my blog design and header recently, and i’m sure the Blogcademy will give me loads more ideas and inspiration as to how I want to improve it, but I do want to stick with the sequins/sparkle theme as that is so much of what I love and who I am!

So I was thinking of incorporating the sequin theme into my new business cards, and as I now won’t have time to have anything printed, I thought a bit of crafting might be in order.

sequin, business card, sparkle

As you can see I started sewing a little group of sequins (and by the way, what is/should be the collective noun for sequins? A sparkle?! A dazzle?!) onto a business card-sized bit of nice, thick paper. I like the effect of the ‘dazzle’ of sequins, but I don’t think sewing them on is a particularly time-effective or the best way of doing it. Also, you can see the sewing pattern on the back of the card, and I really need that space to write my name, website etc etc…

Also, seeing as though i’ll have to try and make 30/35 of them, I think glueing them on might just save my sanity.

business card, sequin

I love how they look against the white card! And the fact that each card will be individual also appeals, although i’m sure Kat, Shauna and Gala will have something to say about that at the workshop. How will my ‘brand’ look consistent, if they’re all different?!