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sunrise, sun, orange

The week started with some of the most amazing sunrises i’ve seen in a while. We’re lucky in that we live at the top of the hill, so the sunrise just looks amazing from outside our house. I couldn’t resist the oppurtunity to get my ‘real’ camera out (as opposed to the iPhone!) and snap this shot.

Other than that my week can be described quite simply with two words:


So yeah, it’s been snowing here in Bristol (totally old news now). I’m particularly not looking forward to the walk in (down that hill) tomorrow. It’ll be icy for sure…

Below are some snaps from the snowy week.

myshoes The Dr Martens Tony got me for Christmas have been proving their worth this week, they are perfect for walking in the snow, and they look good too…notice the fancy alpine leg warmers. They haven’t left my legs since Friday morning!


Tony and my umbrella. This was on Friday, when it was just fresh and easy to walk on. It was almost fun. Almost.

gate-snow b&wtwigsObligatory black and white arty snow shots. Why not, eh?

I also got my haircut yesterday! Photos soon…

I’ll be back in the week…i’ve got to go and decide what on earth to wear for the Blogcademy on Wednesday and Thursday (mild panic setting in now!).  How on earth am I going to decide?!