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malmaison lobby

The lobby of the MalMaison in Liverpool. Biggest windows ever!

This week has been an odd one. I’ve been super busy at work and I even have a new, lovely intern to look after – it’s all very exciting! Then on Thursday Tony left really early in the morning for Las Vegas so it’s been pretty quiet in the house. It’s given me some time to get quite a few bits and bobs done, although I ave to say I work much better with some chaos around me, rather than complete quiet! My mind tends to wander off a bit if i’m on my own…

I went up to Liverpool for a work meeting on Tuesday night, and stayed in the lovely MalMaison. Although we didn’t actually have a room in the MalMaison itself as I think they had some renovation work going on, so we stayed in the apartments above the hotel. It would have been an amazing view, if only I had a room on the other side of the hotel! As it turned out, I had a lovely view of the main road…

Good morning Liverpool

Most of the week was pretty terrible weather and I got caught in the rain on my bike quite a few times. Saturday was absolutely gorgeous though and it was great to get out and about on my lovely red bike – Bristol is so pretty in the sun, it really is a pity it rains so much here!

redland park

bristol colstonstreet

I’ve also made good progress in silks. I’ve been aiming to have an awesome “propeller” by the end of the year…I think it’s very doable, seeing as though where i’m at at the moment! I’ve also done loads of training this weekend, I need to get a stronger core and abs if I want to be able to do a good propeller!

back balance on aerial silks

My back balance – it looks like I have no head!

I’m looking forward to having Tony back home on Tuesday, apparently he went to see the Cirque du Soleil LOVE show last night, and i’m so jealous!

Big love for the week ahead ❤