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Eva Tornado

You could see Valentine’s Day as just one of those days made up by the card companies in order to make you buy more, or you could just take the opportunity to do something different with your other half. Why spend it in a restaurant filled with tables of two, in which there’s almost no atmosphere and makes you feel awkward if the couple next to you don’t talk to each other for the whole meal!

Bristol has some awesome things going on for Valentine’s Day, so why not give one of these ideas a go?

  • Go dancing! Motion have a night on hosted by Itchy Feet, and judging by the last event it looks like an absolute blast! Get your dancing shoes on, tickets are only £7 and are available here.

  • Take a long walk over the downs and to the suspension bridge – it’s such a beautiful part of Bristol and if it’s nice weather it’ll be even better. You could even venture over to Leigh Woods – look out for the buzzards!

  • Visit Bristol Zoo – they have an offer on from the 14th-17th February called ‘Cheep Romance’ (see what they did there?!) where tickets for the zoo are only £20 for two. Bristol Zoo is so much fun, get the voucher here (opens as a pdf).
  • Afterwards, you could go for an epic hot chocolate at Bar Chocolate in Clfton – let yourself overindulge!


  • For a spa experience, I’d recommend getting a train to Bath and visiting the Thermae Spa. They have a ‘Time for Two’ Package and also a ‘Twilight’ Package specifically for couples. You can’t book the Twilight package in advance though, so you may not want to take your chances and just turn up. If you do, get their early!
  • Another thing to do in the daytime is trying a tea tasting at Attic in Westbury Park. These lovely people know all there is to know about Chinese tea. Coffee-lovers, you will be converted! They also do scrumptious cakes.
  • Why not try something different, and learn a new skill together? Bristol has a huge range of evening classes, but my pick for a Thursday night would be to try a silks class together (Rada is a great teacher and welcomes complete beginners). Or if circus skills aren’t your thing, you could try Capoeira instead. In South Bristol, you could give Lindy Hop classes a go, which are all the rage at the moment, and ridiculously fun!

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  • Get your competitive streak out and go bowling at the retro bowling alley that is the Lanes. A bit of competition is healthy, right?!
  • And finally, if you fancy a bit more of a glamorous night out why not get your glad rags on and head to the Hoochie Coochie Valentine’s Ball. Dress code is ‘Glamour Puss’ – go as the glamour or the cat! I’d be quick though, as it’s bound to sell out soon!

mask, heart, valentinesTom Banwell Designs – the perfect look for the Hoochie Coochie ball!

See, there’s loads to choose from that isn’t your usual restaurant affair. What will you be doing? 😉

❤ Big Love ❤